Canadian Silica's processing facilty in Peace RiverFrac Sand and Aggregates

Canadian Silica operates a silica sand and aggregates mining operation and processing plant near the town of Peace River, Alberta.  Current annual capacity is 500,000 tonnes of silica sand products that are exclusively distributed by Diversified Industrial Service Company (DISCO).

Our sand is deployed primarily by oil and gas service companies in hydraulic fracturing (frac) operations.  Other uses include water filtration, golf course and equine arena construction.

We also offer a full range of aggregate materials including rip rap for erosion control and manufactured gravel for road construction.

Silica Sand trucking to Fort Nelson, BCHorn River Basin, BC

Our silica deposit is the closest source of frac sand to BC’s Horn River Shale Formation, Canada’s largest natural gas shale field. Our mining facility is situated only 10 hours by truck to the Horn River Basin.  Sand can be trucked directly from mine to well site without rehandling in Fort Nelson, representing a cost-efficient, flexible and reliable source of sand for frac operations.